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The KongQuest is coming to a close as we get ready to begin our next step in the journey toward making the Banana Kingdom the video game capital for all you die-hard, battle-ready apes.


It’s been 10 months or so since the pre-game KQ began, and a lot’s happened since. We’ve drafted up the Banana Kingdom game economy, mechanics, and storylines. We’ve selected a team to build the game and we’ve logged over 10,000 Banana Kingdom NFT claims, and pre-sales which were earned by all of you who put in the work, and were here early enough to take advantage of the the KQ.


We appreciate your efforts, loyalty, and trust.


Now it’s time to get those rewards into your hands, and unleash the Banana Kingdom NFTs on the blockchain.


Over the next 4 weeks the KongQuest will end in phases and a massive airdrop will take place on the Ethereum blockchain. Below is a timeline of KongQuest events, changes and some new abilities you’ll have in the app, leading up to the drop:


Monday 9/5: Kongpasses & AFGPasses are now on sale in the KQ for Bananas through Sunday 9/18. Slot added, to add your ETH address in the KongQuest app for the airdrop.


Tuesday 9/6-9/7: Referral link generation closes. Bananatopia KongQuest ends. Access to all Bananatopia NFTs will be available for everyone holding Bananas until Wednesday 9/14.


Thursday 9/8: Neverian Peaks KongQuest ends. Access to all Neverian Peaks NFTs will be available for everyone holding Bananas until Thursday 9/15.


Friday 9/9: All shards will become swappable for Banana Keys! If you have any leftover after Status Class NFT claims, you can convert them to keys and spend them as Bananas.


Saturday 9/10: Apex City KongQuest ends. Access to all Apex City Rank NFTs will be available for everyone holding Bananas until Saturday 9/17. Guildmaster NFTs will be available for purchase with Bananas.


Sunday 9/11: Buying into the KongQuest with AFTs ends. Kong Steppe KongQuest ends. Access to all Kong Steppe Rank NFTs will be available for everyone holding Bananas until Sunday 9/18. *All Banana, NFT and Shard farming ends.


Tuesday 9/13 – Saturday 9-17: Rank NFT buying ends.


Sunday 9/18: Kongpass & AFGPass buying closes in the KQ app and elsewhere on Ethereum. Rank NFT Smart Contract preparation begins. IMPORTANT: to receive your Rank NFTs in the free airdrop, you need to add your ETH address to your profile page in the KongQuest app. Any addresses not added by this date will not receive their rank NFTs – instead they will receive a Banana refund at some point during Q4 this year.


Wednesday 9/21: Status NFT claiming ends. Status NFT Airdrop and minting date to be announced. (remaining shards can be converted to Keys and cashed out)


At later dates TBA:


  1. AFT will be bridged to ETH, Wastelanders and Wanderers will be purchasable with AFT on ETH. You’ll need a Wanderer NFT to access the game.

  2. Rank/Role NFTs will be airdropped (currently working on merged art)

  3. Rank/Role NFTs can be merged into Kingdom Rank NFTs by owning 1 from each land of the same rank and edition. Kingdom Rank NFTs unlock all 4 lands meaning you can travel and join (or start up) a tribe anywhere in the Kingdom. Merging 4 Rank NFTs will burn the underlying NFTs.

  4. Remaining Status NFTs will go on sale.


KongQuest Wrap-Up Q & A


Q: Why the sudden ending of the KongQuest?
A: We want to get NFTs into folks hands right after the ETH merge that’ll take place on roughly Sept 19th.


Q: Do I have to cash out all my Bananas?
A: Cashing out will remain available for at least another year for folks with a minimum of 100K Bananas.


Q: What can I do with my remaining shards?
A: Shards leftover from status nft claims, or from farming and earning in general can be swapped for Banana Keys beginning on Friday 9/9. All Rank NFTs will be available across the site for folks with Bananas starting on 9/6. Unlocking the ability to buy these will take place land by land, in phases listed above starting with Bananatopia on 9/6, in the late evening, eastern standard time.


Q: What happens if I forgot to add my ETH address by the cutoff date?
A: You’ll be issued a Banana or Shard refund at some point during Q4. Which can be cashed out for AFTs.


Q: What happens if I enter the wrong ETH address?
A: Your NFTs will be sent to the address you enter into your profile page in the app. If you enter the wrong address, there’s no way of changing it after the snapshot date.


Q: Where do I add my address, and when’s the snapshot date?
A: Sunday 9/18 at 9pm EST. To add your ETH address, sign into your KongQuest account and click the “Add Your ETH Address” link in the main menu, then follow the prompts to add your ETH address to your profile. and Any ETH address not entered by this date will not be airdropped any NFTs. You won’t be able to enter an ETH address after this time.