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All claimed BK Tribe Class NFTs have been airdropped! Check your wallets. Or Opensea. If you don’t see airdropped nfts in your opensea profile (this goes for all airdropped and transferred nfts) please do the following: in your OpenSea profile navigate to More → Hidden, click the three-dot menu on the bottom left corner of the NFT you’d like to unhide, and select Unhide. You’ll be able to select multiple items to Unhide. *5 NFTs were also withheld for shards earned via faux referrals or rank hits from faux referrals in the Apex KQ.


If you’re using a Metamask Wallet and you’d like to see your airdropped NFTs, you can add any of the contract addresses below with decimal point “0”


Apex Class in Apex City: 0x283aeb813e473f2e2f0f96450091542a33215cb9


Apex Class on Kong Steppe: 0xb9d11c726cc183b5e08819bd5195fe365f37c749


Apex Class in the Neverian Peaks: 0x4e18a917e3709a00b4515080aaf77d0c6db4de3c


Apex Class in Bananatopia: 0x13c28a79e9beb2342285ba76a471b7d32b60562a


Kong Class in Apex City: 0xa2989d96b8af99addab56d209681f66c26b12591


Kong Class on Kong Steppe: 0x988d7888a3e2c572a4b4d27b3f57224159dd0227


Kong Class in the Neverian Peaks: 0x21bc1185952b110803e8cb7db9bcfaad40e01717


Kong Class in Bananatopia: None won.


Elite Class in Apex City: 0x7fbc3b52724c563ea06d0f8ee81168ea120f5a7d


Elite Class on Kong Steppe: 0xa544ff15ce113fc927374858a0f0f5554249294b


Elite Class in the Neverian Peaks: 0xff34dc00be1802445edc655b7f3232e60deae037


Elite Class in Bananatopia: None won.


Settled Class in Apex City: 0x96d7bf9ecc9a136b233ab065b9263c91514e019d


Settled Class on Kong Steppe: 0xfcf4c1bdee152542396c89b7c22acc529a79fde7


Settled Class in the Neverian Peaks: 0xd5412a3b2bb326b101624042d802a200c6cb7e59


Settled Class in Bananatopia: 0x4dea10101dd4a82e5b32cc3577e9182221741740


Public Sale date and list prices will be coming in the next 24 hours, enjoy 🙂